• Ahmet Erdoğdular is Turkey’s foremost vocalist noted for his role in preserving the classical singing style of the Ottoman Turkish musical tradition.

  • Studying the techniques of masters of Ottoman music like Munir Nurettin Selçuk, Bekir Sitki Sezgin, Ahmet learned the classical singing style. With his father, he also analyzed the old LP recordings of Hafiz Sami, Hafiz Kemal, Hafiz Osman, Izak Al Gazi, Munir Nurettin Selçuk, Sadettin Kaynak, Üsküdarli Ali Efendi, Hafiz Mecid and others, learning their voice and singing techniques in forms such as classical songs, gazel, kaside, and mevlid.

  • Ahmet worked at the Turkish Radio as soloist, recorded a number of music program series for different television companies, was a guest soloist for two years at the State Turkish Classical Music Ensemble, and is frequently featured in the Turkish Radio Television TV music programs. He was a visiting scholar at Columbia University and City University of New York, Graduate Center Ethnomusicology department. Ahmet Erdogdular plays tambur, oud and percussion and devotes his time to performing and teaching Ottoman Turkish classical music. He is based in New York and Istanbul.


  • Vardar ovası, Ahmet Erdogdular
  • Bülbülüm altın kafeste
  • Hava Güzel Yine Gülşende
  • Hicaz Sarki, Nideyim sahni cemen
  • Ahmet Erdogdular


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    The Venetian Republic linked the Byzantine and Ottoman empires with Europe.  Ahmet Erdoğdular, one of Turkey’s foremost vocalists, is dedicated to preserving and promoting the classical vocal tradition from Ottoman Turkey that many Europeans would have first heard in Venice centuries ago. His repertoire includes classical vocal music, ghazals (sung poetry), and Sufi music, particularly that of […]

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