Songs of the Sultans

Songs of the Sultans offers a selection of some of the most sophisticated masterpieces of Turkish classical music. Carefully chosen compositions, some of which have never been performed solo in modern time, are revived in this album by Ahmet Erdoğdular and the finest musicians of contemporary Turkish classical music. Ahmet Erdoğdular is the first representative in the past several decades of the classical singing style reminiscent of the Ottoman LP recordings from the beginning of the 20th century. In this album he presents elaborate compositions such as Kâr and Beste together with gazel and taksims (vocal and instrumental improvisations) in a variety of intricate makams (modes).

Masterpieces of Turkish Classical Music
© Ahmet ErdogdularErdoğdular
AEM 2009 New York, NY USASongs of the Sultans

Ahmet Erdoğdular :  Vocals
Ömer Erdoğdular: Ney
Göksel Baktagir: Kanun
Yurdal Tokcan: Ud
Derya Türkan: Kemençe