7th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop

March 16-20, 2018
5day/5hrs a day classes: 10am-4pm
Class Fee: $485
(Register by January 30 get %20 off)
We are excited to announce 7th Annual Turkish Music Institute Workshop in New York City. This year the workshop will offer five classes that will focus on practical use of music theory, intonation, and modal repertoire analysis and interpretation taught by world-renowned master teachers.
We are keeping the class fee low thanks to our sponsor and grantors in an effort to keep the workshop accessible to the widest possible audience.
You will find a link below with some suggestions about affordable places to stay in the area. The workshop will take place in midtown Manhattan, with the largest concentration of hotels, the hub of public transportation, and easily accessible even from outside of Manhattan

Singing and Vocal Improvisation – Ahmet Erdoğdular
Ney – Ömer Erdoğdular
Oud – Yurdal Tokcan
Kanun – Göksel Baktagir
Modal Music Composition and Orchestration – Ross Daly

For more information go to: MAKAM NEW YORK